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I saw a story about something that happened a few years ago recalls. My former partner and I were traveling to India and landed at the airport moviegator in the early morning hours. On leaving the plane we were told that the sampling will take place because the government was very nervous about a drug problem growing. In anticipation of the heat, I was wearing a loose blouse, long skirt and sandals. Due to the long flight and alcohol on board were Dave and I are very funny and somehow stood out. It was no surprise when Dave came up and said he was being sought. I sat waiting to be crazy and too little, let my coffee for myself. The customs officer is expected of me, this was clearly nervous than me and took me to an adjoining room, and told to wait. A few minutes later, a man and a woman sat opposite me. He asked what I was doing in India and when I told him we were on the road, there was talk among themselves before the man asked if David moviegator was my husband. I told him that was my friend and work together for a few months. Then we talked again before moviegator lifting the suitcase on the table and go through it point by point. Building for the official who was about 5. 8 'and quite large, special interest in my Smalls, who were actually very small (I have 5. moviegator 7', blonde, size 10 and 34DD with a nice ass, even if I say so ). the two spoke again before the man said he had to do more and I should be looking for staff. I started to protest, but said the faster, was able to leave before I have done, if everything was okay. S left the room and the woman asked moviegator me to undress. I took my superior, a sense of self conscieous bit because I never wear a bra, and suddenly half naked. 'You have to go to rock,' said the woman, and slowly got up and opened his jacket and put on the table. therefore, tI was here in this small cell, only a small thing, and my shoes. ' Take your underwear please,' she said, and looked at me. She did not flinch, so I pulled my underwear. She said she had a thorough search and asked me to stand straight. He stood before me, almost touching my face and raised my arms up in the air. She ran her hands up her arms and down my side. Strangely, it sent a shiver down the spine and I felt ashamed that I started playing wet between the legs. His hands fell outside of the legs and then they took my shoes to check before bedtime. Then he put his hand between my legs and pushed his legs before his fingers inside of my thigh, but so moviegator far my already wet pussy. I realized he was not wearing gloves suddenyl, who assures me that perhaps the search was moviegator almost over, although I was Actuatorslly, really in a strange way enjoying the attention. Suddenly, she sat and stood behind me. She put her hands on my shoulders and forced me to lean forward and open my legs. Without warning, I felt a finger begin to probe my ass, gently at first, then suddenly with force two fingers probing my rectum. She seemed to be worth a lot of attention and instinctively leaned on his fingers and forced to follow. I thought I would end up on the spot, but again without notice, the fingers were removed and washed in the sink before getting back to me and asked me over the edge of the table to sit in front of her. I did, and put one foot in each of the two chairs apart now makes me very wet pussy. Then he knelt down and face very close, I pulled her lips parted. I sat back on my elbows, but moviegator he was more inclined to back, my back is now on the table. She asked me, I was hiding something in my vagina, because I was very wet, and seemed to lubricate ? I said no, but must be emptied, his smile when he saw something in me. Then gently touched my labia majora, before a finger, then two, then three, and exploring around the same time the shipment of ecstasy. Now lost all inhibitions and had moved to one knee and gently worked my pussy as I forced back on her finger. I started running and I felt moviegator I had to blow on the finger. Suddenly there was a crack in his radio and got up to answer the call. I 'awoke' and sat down. His tone was strong again as she told me she was ready and I could pick up again. I did sheepishly, not wanting to look into the eyes before she left the room. When he returned a few minutes later, she was with the other members again and told me I could get my partner and take a short course. Ten minutes later we were away on board a taxi from the airport. I told David he was questioned, but notelse and never told what really happened.
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